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How to create a e-commerce website?


When you’re creating a e-commerce website, it is important for you to understand what is the procedure to create a e-commerce website. Once you’re able to look into this procedure, after that only you would be able to understand whether it is easy to create a e-commerce website are not. There are many agencies like genius creative, which would be able to help you in creating the e-commerce website as well. That is why, you have to look into the type of the website which you want to create.

1. Number of products:
you have to always look into the number of the products as well because that would be determining how you can scale up the website as well. Once you’re able to look into the number of the products, automatically it would become much more easier for you to understand whether you would be able to create such a large website or not. Creating such a smaller website and after that scaling up is on the easier side but when you want to include all the data of the larger website, it would actually become very difficult as well.


2. Type of programs:
according to the type of the products, there would be a lot of variations on the type of the information which you need to get included as well. When you’re able to understand these points, thereafter only you can be sure that you would be able to look into the information which is to be included and how you would be organising that information as well.


3. You need to also understand that when it comes to organising the permission, you have to look into the unique information as well because that would be helping you in the search engine rankings as well.


Therefore, whenever you’re looking into the options of creating a e-commerce website, these are the 3 factors which would be directly impacting the creation of the e-commerce website.

Welcome to Maranatha

 I am a member of Tabernacle Baptist Church in historical Manassas, Virginia, pastored by Eugene Zorbas.   I love to help out in the nursery and sing in the choir.  

           It is only because of the Grace of God that this site has been created. That is why I have chosen to dedicate it to my spiritual mother, Vicky Albert. Because of God’s grace and Vicky’s obedience, I am saved and I’m on my way to heaven today!

I was saved on April 1st, 1980!   My life was changed instantly just as the Word of God states in 2 Corinthians 5:17 states.

The wonderful person the Lord used to lead me to Him was my dear friend, Vicky.  Her story is a blessing to read.

           I have several hobbies, but my ultimate favorite I must admit is rubber stamping.  I even hold workshops to teach others to create cards, stationery and scrapbooks. This hobby has given me an opportunity to create cards to put in our missionary closet for our missionaries to use in the field.  It also is nice to send folks in our church a hand-made card when they have been out sick.  I never dreamed the Lord would use a hobby I love so much to be a ministry.

           I hope you receive a blessing during your visit. My goal for this web site is to glorify our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Remember, Jesus Christ COULD come at any moment!   If He does, will you be embarrassed when you stand before HIM to give an account of your deeds? It’s not too late! Start serving Him right NOW !!